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New Members 

Any person who is a record owner of any parcel/property in the Hampton Community may voluntarily elect to become a member of Hampton House, Inc. A onetime initiation fee of $3500 will be assessed for all new Hampton House members. This is in addition to the yearly membership dues. Any owner of a parcel/property without a Hampton House membership must pay the new member fee of $3500.


Should a current parcel/property owner purchase a parcel/property in the Hampton Community that does not have a membership, the owner/member has the option to either leave the initiation fee on their current parcel/property for their buyer or transfer their initiation fee to their new Hampton Community property. Should an owner elect to transfer, the previous parcel/property will no longer have an active membership and the new owner will have to pay the initiation fee.


Members must request and receive approval, in writing, for this transfer from the HH Staff prior to the closing of their current parcel/property. All membership transfers will be subject to a $250.00 transfer fee paid at the time of the membership application.

 (consistent with Hampton House policies/by-laws). 

Please see our attached Bylaws. 

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