Celebrate Independence Day Weekend 

We hope you and your family are planning a great 4th of July Holiday Weekend! We would love to have you spend some of it with us at the Hampton House. Here are the events we will have going on.... 

Saturday, July 3rd: 
9:00am - Pool Opens 
10:00am - Snack Shack Opens 
1:00-5:00pm- DJ Poolside with game, music and more. 
7:30pm- Pool Closes 
9:00pm - Fireworks on the Back Lawn - Bring your quilts and chairs 

Sunday, July 4th 
10:00am- Pool Opens and Snack Shack 
1:00-5:00pm - DJ Poolside with games, music and more. 
9:00pm- Pool Closes
Pool Check in Changes for Saturday, July 3rd & Sunday, July 4th. Please bring a photo ID with you to be presented upon request. There will be one entrance into the pool with two lines, one for MEMBERS ONLY and one for MEMBERS WITH OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS. We are limiting the number of out-of-town guests to 5 per family. Guest passes will need to be submitted by Wednesday, June 30th. No local guests are allowed. Please be patient with us while we work on your behalf.


The Robert Trent Golf Course is asking for no members be on the greens or bunkers this year. You are welcome to set up chairs on the fairways and roughs. We will have lifeguards stationed at greens to help direct you to the fairways. Let's be good neighbors and work with the golf course as they allow us to use their facility to set off the fireworks.

There will be NO ADULT ONLY swim on Saturday, July 3rd from 6:00 - 9:00 a.m.  You are not allowed to reserve tables and chairs before the pool opens. All towels or items placed on tables and chairs prior to the pool opening will be collected and placed in lost and found. Also, we will not have enough chairs for all our members who will be at the pool for this holiday weekend. Please be thoughtful and do not get chairs for your entire family if you know some of them will be in the pool all day. Keep to the rule of one table OR two loungers per family. We are encouraging members to bring their own chairs. No over size floats will be allowed in the pool for July 3rd or July 4th.    

The office will be CLOSED for BUSINESS on the weekend of July 2-5th. You may call the office to leave a message and it will be returned on Tuesday, July 6th.