To join the Hampton House, you must own property that is a part of the Hampton Cove Home Owners Association. The dues are set each year by the Board of Directors with a 10% discount to seniors over the age of 65. The membership begins May 1, each year and expires April 30, the following. An initiation fee of $3,500 for all new Hampton House Members went into effect July 1, 2009. You are subject to late fees after the due date and must be paid in full by April 30 or be charged the initiation fee to rejoin. Membership will be issued to the Parcel and is not transferable between members (consistent with current Article/By-Laws). If you are a member, the party who purchases your parcel or house, will not be assessed the Initiation Fee and will assume membership privileges. Waiver of the Initiation Fee requires the approval of a majority of the Hampton House Board; i.e., minimum of four (4) Board Members approving.