Rules and Policies

General Hampton House Rules and Regulations

1. Appropriate dress is required while on Hampton House property.

2. Smoking/Vaping is not allowed on Hampton House property.
3. Place all litter in proper receptacles.
4. Membership remains with the parcel when property ownership transfers.
5. Hampton House is a MEMBERS ONLY FACILITY.
6. Members who allow one year or more to lapse in paying their annual dues are subject to paying the $3,500.00 initiation fee to rejoin the Hampton House.

Vandalism Policy

Damages to Hampton House property will incur the following penalties:

Hampton House Members

1st Offense: Payment is to be rendered for full damages with an additional 10% fine that will be no less than $100. Member will also be suspended from Hampton House property for 90 days. If payment is not made within 30 days, membership will be cancellled, a police report will be filed, and charges will be pressed.
2nd Offense: Payment must be made for damages and fine paid according to 1st offense. In addition, family membership will be suspended for 1 year. Dues must be maintained.
3rd Offense: Payments must be made for damages and fine paid according to 1st offense. In addition, family membership is forfeited with no refunds and charges will be pressed.


Non-Hampton House Members

Full damage cost and a 10% fine (no less than $100) must be paid within 5 days. If not paid, Hampton House will press charges.


Pool Rules

1. Members MUST show their membership card and ID before entering pool.
2. Persons with infectious health conditions including eye, ear, respiratory infections, any other skin irritation or other contagious disease or disorder shall not enter the common pool area or water unless written permission from a licensed physician is shown to the manager on duty prior to entering.
3. Children of diaper age or any child that is not yet potty-trained are required to wear swim diapers. NO EXCEPTIONS.
4. No breakable containers are allowed in the pool area.
5. Children under age 9 who wish to visit the pool not accompanied by their parent must obtain an Informed Consent/Permission Slip from the Hampton House office. The child must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible individual who is at least 15 years old.
6. All swimmers must wear swimwear appropriate for a family-oriented facility. No cut-offs, gym shorts, bike shorts, leotards, thongs, etc. are permitted. All male suits must have string and lining.
7. No rafts or other flotation devices are allowed in the pool unless approved by the manager on duty. Children's arm floats or life preservers may be used with the supervision of parent or guardian.
8. Children requiring flotation devices and other non-swimmers are restricted to the shallow end of the pool and must be accompanied by the parent or guardian.
9. Rowdy conduct by children or adults will not be tolerated. Running, pushing, dunking, or any act that endangers or disturbs others will result in expulsion from the pool for the remainder of the day.
10. Lifeguards have full authority to enforce the rules and expel any individual as necessary. All expulsions will be reported to the Pool Manager. Repeat offenders will be expelled from the pool for a period of time decided by the Pool Manager.
11. Regular breaks of ten (10) minutes will be taken as directed by the lifeguards every hour. During this time, all children will be cleared from the water. Adults 16 years and older may swim during these break periods. Children 3 years or younger are permitted in the pool during these times only when accompanied and supervised by the parent or guardian.
12. Dives from the shallow end and flips from the sides of the pool are not permitted.
13. No chewing gum or hair pins are allowed in the pool area.
14. No animals of any kind are allowed in the pool area.
15. Abusive or profane language is not permitted.
16. All trash and cigarette butts must be placed in the the proper receptacles. 


Tennis Court Rules

1. Guests are welcome when accompanied by Hampton House members.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their guest.  You are asked to remember this is a MEMBERS ONLY FACILITY and please do not abuse the guest privilege. Members are responsible for collecting the $5.00 guest fee and placing it in the drop box on the front of the Office. Please help protect your membership and benefits by not inviting people to play who live in Hampton Cove but have chosen not to be Hampton House members.

2. Proper tennis attire must be worn.  Regulation flat soled shoes must be worn on courts.  Street shoes will damage courts and are not permitted. No running shoes allowed.

3 No food, glassware, or furniture is allowed inside tennis courts.  Only tennis players and tennis equipment are allowed on courts.  All trash is to be placed in provided containers.

4. All players must exhibit good sportsmanship.

5. Tennis courts are not to be used for anything but tennis.

6. No children are allowed on courts unless they are playing tennis and wearing proper shoes. Please supervise your children.

7. All players must brush their courts after play ends.

8. Juniors are defined as being 17 and under.

9. The courts will be permanently damaged if played on when wet.  If courts are damp when touched, they are too wet for use.

10. Courts must be watered periodically during the summer months.  Please make sure courts are dry before playing.

11. Must Have Membership Card readily accessible to show attendant.


Fitness Center Rules

1. The Fitness Center is located on the ground floor of the Community Building for the use of MEMBERS ONLY. Members are not allowed to bring guests to the  Fitness Center. No trainers, other than those approved by Hampton House, are allowed in Fitness Center.

2. No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the Fitness Center unaccompanied at ANY time. Do not allow children using the playground to use the restrooms facilities in the Fitness Center. 

3. Members age 16 and older are permitted to use the weight room equipment. Members 14 and 15 years of age may use the weight equipment when supervised by an adult (age 21 or older) or while participating in an organized group-exercise program supervised by an approved instructor.

4. Be prepared to show MEMBERSHIP CARD AND ID, at any time, to staff upon request. DO NOT feel obligated to OPEN the door for someone who has forgotten their card.

5. Wipe off feet before entering.  No mud allowed on equipment.

6. Members should consult with their physicians before engaging in any strenuous physical-conditioning program.

7. Do not use any piece of equipment that is not in proper working order as injury may  result. Report to management any hazardous condition, broken equipment, or damage to facilities as soon as possible.

8. Working out with a partner is advised whenever possible. When in doubt about proper use of equipment, ask management.

9. Never lift heavy weights without a spotter. Please return the weights to their racks after use.

10. Members should wear proper gym attire when using this facility. “ Proper Attire” is left to the discretion of the management. ( No wet pool attire will be allowed). No open toed shoes.

11. Each individual should carry a towel and keep benches and equipment clean during and after use. Spray the towel, not the equipment, to clean.

12. Use of the weight room is at your own risk. There is no instructor on duty.

13. Please use this facility responsibly at all times. 30 MINUTE TIME LIMIT on machines when others are waiting! Please look around and be aware.

14. No food or drinks allowed.  Water Only!

15. Use of the facility is a member privilege.  Any abuse, including allowing unauthorized entry, may result in loss of access.